Three Tuscan “P” excursions not to miss

Feb 06, 2019 208


After all the fabulous exhibits one can see in the heart of Florence, it is possible that a little fresh air in the countryside might just be the ticket to take a breather and relax a bit? After all, how many beautiful frescoes and wonderful palaces unlike any to be seen anywhere else can you take in on your trip? So then, what’s next? 

Well, there are three “P’s” that can help add a sense of Renaissance balance to our modern life styles. Any visitor to Florence can easily achieve this by taking a ride on a bus; yes, a bus! Fortunately, there is a commuter bus station just across the piazza from the train statio you probably used to get to Florence. A ride on one of these buses will have you meet Italians going home after a day’s work and/or shopping, or some others who simply want to get some fresh air on a short ride through the exquisite countryside surrounding the beautiful City of the Flowers.

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