Trekking on the "Alta Via" trail of the Parks - the GEA trail in Emilia-Romagna

Jun 21, 2019 270

This itinerary is home to breathtaking places capable of making visitors who walk it feel very adventuresome while looking out over the vast landscapes, the wild nature and the historic remains of ancient boarders.  This trail is suitable for expert and curious hikers, but also to anyone who wants to experience some exhilaration.

This itinerary, walked in its entirety by the Bologna writer Enrico Brizzi, can be seen in the documentary film “Alta Via dei Parchi. Viaggio a piedi in Emilia-Romagna”, directed by the writer himself and Serena Tommasini Degna, made with evocative images, sounds and words, where history interlaces with daily life, where ancient roads become unexpected paths, and where peaks, prairies, lakes and forests blend together into one.

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