In Turin, La Pista 500 is escorting the Lingotto into the new Twenties

Nov 07, 2021 330

BY: Giovanni Comoglio

It’s 1934, and a not-so-young Charles Edouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier, is boldldy posing at the wheel of a Fiat Balilla Spider Corsa, for a picture that will soon become iconic as his manifesto of Modern living and thinking. All of a sudden it’s 2021, and a spot of buttercups is shaken by the whirring yet silent motion of an electric Fiat 500.

Do these scenes have anything in common? Of course they have, and it  is the space where they are happening: an asphalt rectangle overlooking the hills of Turin since almost one century, belonging to the world famous rooftop testing track of the former Lingotto Fiat plant.

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