Tuscany: L'Eroica is back, the poetry written with the bicycle

Oct 02, 2021 264

Gaiole in Chianti and the white roads of the province of Siena are now ready to welcome the cyclists arriving for the 24th edition of L'Eroica, the poem written with the bicycle that Giancarlo Brocci created in 1997 to experience the emotions of the "beauty of fatigue and the taste of enterprise", which over time have become values appreciated all over the world.

L'Eroica 2021 will take place over two days; on Saturday October 2nd the cyclists enrolled in the two most challenging routes will pedal; 209 and 135 kilometers with departure at 4.30 am, for those who will participate riding a bicycle built before 1930. Immediately afterwards, that is at 5.00 a.m. therefore still in pitch dark conditions, all the others will start. On Sunday, October 3, at a more convenient time, it will be the turn of the cyclists of the other three routes available; 46, 81 and 106 kilometers.

At L'Eroica you participate with steel bicycles built before 1987 (or new but made as they were then). There are three main characteristics: the gearshifts must be positioned on the oblique tube of the frame, the pedals must be equipped with toe clips and straps, the brake wires must pass outside the handlebars. Three basic characteristics that indicate a very important historical moment, the early 80's with the advent, first of all, of quick release pedals From a strictly technical point of view, the steel frame, combined with traditional wheels with at least 32 spokes, guarantees the elasticity and ability to absorb shocks necessary for safe riding along the dirt roads of the province of Siena.

As you can understand, the short routes of L'Eroica are more than affordable by anyone: the 46 kilometers of the Piccolo Chianti are suitable for the occasional cyclist who, after crossing the finish line, will still have the feeling and satisfaction of having accomplished his little big feat. The 81 kilometers of the Short course, on the other hand, require a double commitment, because in this case it is also the technical competence to face some descents that needs to grow.

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