Wheel Adventures: Exploring Tuscany, after Giro D'Italia gets out of the way

Sep 09, 2019 227

BY: David Sovka

Our 300-kilometre cycle adventure across the golden hills and green fields of Tuscany is more than just a bike trip. It’s also a test drive of my heart, which had a spot of bother last year. Nearly dying threw into jeopardy my plan to bunk off work as soon as possible in favour of goofing off in various interesting places around the world.

Getting back on the proverbial horse feels a little bit like sticking my tongue on a metal pole in the winter time, just to see what will happen. It is an uneasy thing, not knowing if you will see the day through. The Magnificent Eleven? Speaking of uneasy, as this is not my first cycle trip through strange new lands, I am familiar with the uneasy sensation that comes with meeting the group with whom you’re going to share the road.

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SOURCE: https://www.timescolonist.com

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