The world's best kept secret Chocolate | Modica Chocolate

Apr 05, 2017 636

" Travelers have been drawn to Sicily intriguing history,volcanoes & famed cuisine, but somehow the island’s distinctive chocolate - made in the Unesco World Heritage town of Modica and inspired by  traditions of the ancient Aztecs - has remained one of the world best-kept secrets. " This is what Lucinda Hawksley says in website talking about Cioccolata di Modica (ciucculatta muricana in Sicilian).

This recipe is inspired by the Aztec original recipe for Xocoatl. It was introduced in the County of Modica by the Spaniards, during their domination in the southern Italy in 16th Century. Conquistadors went to Mexico and brought back cacao and the recipes of this paste ground by a smooth round stone called a metate, crafted with volcanic stone from Mt. Etna (Volcano, 78 miles away from Modica).

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