AATI National Italian Exam 2019

Nov 29, 2018 1542

For the 2019 school year, AATI is committed to offering an innovative National Italian Exam that is aligned with the ACTFL Performance Guidelines and the 2012 ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. The NIE Committee envisions the exam not only as an assessment tool which will provide teachers and students with diagnostic feedback and positive washback to help inform high school instruction and curricula, but also as an opportunity for visibility and for promoting Italian programs in North American schools.

AATI encourages instructors of Italian to invite their students to participate in the National Italian Exam which could help them prepare for the official exams of Seal of Biliteracy, the SAT II and finally, will make them eligible for the Società Onoraria Italica scholarships.
In addition, the NIE provides an excellent opportunity to highlight students’ success as every year over 5,000 high school students of Italian take the exam. 

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SOURCE: http://weloveitalian.org

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