Andrea Bocelli, currently touring US, talks spirituality in music

Dec 17, 2021 342

BY: Jeremy Reynolds

Singer Andrea Bocelli isn't fond of labels. One of the world's best-renowned Italian tenors, his discography and touring performances regularly cross boundaries between pop and classical music to great acclaim. In an email interview with the aid of a translator, he acknowledged that classical and pop music exist in "two distinct universes; each with its own difficulties, artistic depth and dignity," and he said that he proposes to introduce pop listeners to certain operatic works in the hope of spreading awareness.

Some classical aficionados take issue with his technique, but this is shortsighted — Bocelli's voice has a signature warmth that continues to uplift millions of listeners regardless of genre. On Easter Sunday of 2020, for example, a YouTube livestream shattered records with nearly 3 million concurrent viewers, one of the most-watched musical livestreams in history.

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