Columbus Heritage Coalition: Dedicated to Preserving the Christopher Columbus Legacy, Announces 2020 Meeting Dates

Dec 13, 2019 469

The Columbus Heritage Coalition (CHC) was created in 2017 to protect and preserve the legacy of Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day celebrations in communities across the nation against the unwarranted attacks on this cherished national holiday. The CHC's initial focus was to challenge a group that wanted to remove the iconic statue of Christopher Columbus in New York City's Columbus Circle. The CHC prevailed, and with the full support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the statue is now protected as part of the National Register of Historic Places.

"It is important to debunk the many myths surrounding Christopher Columbus," says Angelo Vivolo, CHC president. "The pride Italian Americans have in their heritage is the pride every immigrant community in this country of immigrants possesses, which is why the Coalition exists—to show our solidarity with Italian American communities nationwide supporting the celebration of Columbus Day."

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