IAP 94: The Purest Form: Christopher Macchio on Art, Opera, and Using Talent to Serve Community

May 21, 2019 655

BY: Anthony Fasano

This is the Italian American Podcast, and in this episode, we talk to PBS-TV Star and Tenor Christopher Macchio about using your talent to serve your community. This is a fun-filled episode with a lot of stories, laughs and humor that might just make you reconsider your mission in life.

Christopher Macchio is a PBS-TV Star & well-known Tenor. His performances range from full operatic arias, to stirring songs from the repertoire of Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti and Mario Lanza, to timeless classics in the styles of Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé. His presentation consists of the display of a highly trained voice of beautiful tone and quality, delivered with a charisma and sincerity that never fails to produce a standing ovation!

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SOURCE: http://italianamericanexperience.com

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