IAP 99: It’s not arrivederci, it’s evolution - our 99th episode: looking back as we move forward

Jul 11, 2019 632

BY: Anthony Fasano

In our 99th episode of The Italian American Podcast we highlight some of our favorite clips from our first 98 episodes. We also discuss some of the new and exciting developments which have been going on with The Italian American Podcast. It’s an episode full of fun, laughter, and heartwarming reflections that you should definitely check out.

We both picked a few clips from some of our favorite episodes and will reflect back on the “Strictly Dolores and Anthony Age” of the podcast. Looking back at how things were for us since inception up to now and how the themes in these clips have evolved through all of our conversations, but in reality, they remain the same with family being the core. 

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com/

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