Interview To Cristina Fontanelli, International Star

Nov 25, 2013 1249

Cristina Fontanelli is always on top of the news as a classical singer (she is a soprano) and as a host for many shows. Cristina gave us the opportunity for an interview and we felt that we could integrate our questions with a brief background on her life, as appeared

CelebrityDialogue: When did you start singing?
Cristina Fontanelli: I started as a small child to sing around the garden and the house and to put on shows in my neighborhood. I would choose the music, choreograph the dance/movements, I'd "cast" my friends and we would hang a curtain using a sheet or blanket in the backyard. Put chairs for the audience. My mother, Francesca, inspired me as she had/has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. She won a contest on the radio, but was a bit shy and timid to go after a career professionally and instead became a housewife and my Mamma, of course!

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