Micheal Castaldo & Giorgia Fumanti, team up to perform Pray’r ... a new powerful captivating DUET in time for the holiday season

Nov 23, 2014 999

Pray'r (the duet) is much more than a love song, it is a powerful duet that arrives as an emotional new international anthem. A song of hope and praise! What better time to release this duet during the holiday season.

Written and produced by CASTALDO and his long time collaborator, the Norwegian composer/producer Stein B. Svendsen, "Pray'r" deftly blends pop and opera, Italian and English, grace and emotional force, to form an unforgettable listening experience. CASTALDO invited international Italian soprano Giorgia Fumanti to add her amazing voice on this duet, taking this new original song to an emotional high.

It first looks in on the longing of a man enduring the despair of unrequited love, then follows along in the Italian verses as he journeys through reflection, hope, commitment, and doubt. But with each English chorus he draws closer to the triumphant reward of mutual passion, singing I Pray a little pray'r every day, a little pray'r that you'll stay here in my arms forever/I Pray a little pray'r every night, a little pray'r that the light of my love/ Will shine in your heart (forever). The majestic intensity of "Pray'r" builds, exploding at the end into an immersive anthem that inspires as much as it satisfies.

Ensconced in a full orchestral arrangement of piano, strings, percussion and choir, the classic message of "Pray'r' is elevated even further by the music and the combined dynamic voicesof Micheal Castaldo and Giorgia Fumanti.

An award-winning songwriter/producer/recording artist CASTALDO's mentor was himself a protégé of the famed Italian operatic tenor Enrico Caruso while Giorgia Fumanti, also an award-winning artist whose album "From My Heart" reached the top 20 Billboard Charts, has performed all over the world with many great international artists as Jose Carreras, Michael Bolton, Lang Lang, Luciano Pavarotti, The Tenors, Zucchero, Albano, Lucio Dalla and many more.

"When Stein and I wrote this song, we felt in our bones that there was something magical about it," CASTALDO says. "As we worked to perfect 'Pray'r', we were inspired by the history of great artists like Andrea Bocelli and David Foster, who combined Italian and English in songs that appealed to people worldwide. "The moment Micheal made me listen to this song, I knew instantly that I wanted to record this duet with him. The song is not only extremely melodic, but also touches the emotional side and the chorus extremely captivating. It is a very powerful song, that touches the soul and at the same time, wanting you to sing it, over and over again" says Giorgia Fumanti.

Pray'r (Duet) is available on Amazon.com on Tuesday December 2nd, but you can order it today.

"Pray'r (the duet) will appear on Giorgia Fumanti's "Essence" album due for release in February 2015. (Distributed by Universal Records)

"Pray'r (the duet) will also appear on Micheal Castaldo's new CD (Untitled) due for release in late Spring 2015.

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