Organizations Galvanize in Strong Opposition to NEA Initiative to Celebrate Columbus Day as Dia De La Raza/ Indigenous People's Day

Jan 27, 2017 971

A wide ranging group of national, regional and local organizations have joined forces to oppose the National Education Association's (NEA) recent initiative to celebrate the second Monday of October, the Federal Columbus Day holiday, as El Dia De La Raza/Indigenous People's Day.  The group of organizations, which has named itself the "Preserve Columbus Day Coalition" or "PCDC," was initiated by UNICO National President Dominick Nicastro after NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia refused multiple requests by Nicastro for a meeting.

"We wanted to discuss our serious objection to the marginalization of Columbus Day that would be caused by this NEA initiative," stated Nicastro. "When she refused to meet with us after a number of attempts, I knew we just had to do something to stop this attack on our heritage, culture and the historical foundation of our great country. So, we began contacting other groups and I am overwhelmed by the response and unity we have achieved."

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