Programma Ponte scholarships for Italian American College Students

Jan 21, 2015 903

Study Next Summer in Italy, July 2015. Earn up to 6 transferable credits

APPLICATION: Download it from

DEADLINE: Continuously accepted up to Feb.14, 2015
COSTS TO STUDENT: Round trip airline ticket to Rome. School Registration, in Euros, €300 (6 Credits). Pocket money.
FREE: Two Course Tuition (6 Cr.); Room and Board. Metro travel for July (€35). Transcript Mailing. Escorted by Chaperone.
QUALIFICATIONS: 2nd and 3rd year students. Any Major. Knowledge of Italian.

Courses of Study (Full Description:

1) Contemporary Italy, European Institutions and USA Relations (in Italian)—3 credits

2) Italy: Past Foundations, present Realities. (in Italian)—3 credits

The Scholarships
These scholarships are designed to give Italian American students a first-hand experience with Italy today through course work, by visiting important Italian and European Institutions, and living the Italian culture in Rome, Italy.

Participants are expected to establish lasting connections and develop their respective roles as multi-cultural ambassadors.

Scholarships are sponsored privately by: AIAE, FNCL, & ISCOP

Source: AIAE

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