Viva l’Italia! Italy’s National Day and the 71st Anniversary of the Republic were celebrated in Washington DC and across the United States

Jun 07, 2017 1984

During the celebrations held at the Embassy of Italy in US, Ambassador Armando Varricchio recalled the “values of freedom, democracy and human rights” that are the tenets of the Italian Republic and of Italy’s friendship and alliance with the United States of America. Italy — he also underlined — is at the forefront in providing security worldwide. Italian troops are engaged across the globe: from Afghanistan to the Balkans, from Iraq to Lebanon, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean.

Ambassador Varricchio also delivered a message expressing heart-felt wishes to fellow Italians living in the U.S. and to all our Italian-American friends, highlighting their precious contribution to the political, economic and cultural life of all 50 States. He underlined how Italian professionalism, creativity, culture and language are highly appreciated.


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