Week of Italian Cuisine in the World 2023: Far Away, Close To Home

Nov 14, 2023 749

BY: Laura Forti

On the occasion of Week of Italian Culture in the World, we present I Racconti delle Radici (Tales from the Roots): a wide-ranging project, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the history of the cuisine of Italians who emigrated between the late 19th century and the 1970s to America, Northern Europe, and Australia.

The aim of the project is to tell the stories and recipes that arose from the combination of the gastronomic traditions of Italian immigrants with the culinary customs found in the lands of arrival. Simone Cinotto, professor of Contemporary History at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo and food history researcher, has drawn a picture of the main stages of the emigration of Italians and introduces us to the characteristics of the "new Italian cuisine" born outside our borders.

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SOURCE: https://www.lacucinaitaliana.com

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