10 Things Italians Do Better

Jun 30, 2015 2745

Lets face it Italy and Italians do a lot of popular things and often better than almost anywhere on earth. All over the world it really is true that Everybody Loves Italian. Sport Cars like Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Bugati etcetra. Clothes and Fashion such as Versaci, Armani and an unending number of very high end clothing. We take our clothing very very seriously.

Some of the best Coffee in the world. Caffe', Espresso, Macchianato, Americano and on and on.... There is no better place in the world to enjoy coffee. Everybody in Italy Loves coffee. The Architecture speaks for itself. I mean you can go almost anywhere in the country and you will see things that stun you. Often these interesting places date back to Roman times. Unbelievable especially when you realize that Italy is only the size of California.

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Source: http://everybodylovesitalian.com/

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