12 Things You Should Know About Campari

Oct 07, 2019 1300

Few bottles stand out on the liquor shelf quite like crimson-hued Campari. Even when it’s poured into a glass, the drink’s distinct color makes it instantly recognizable. Though contenders have emerged to challenge Campari’s dominance, when it comes to mixing classic cocktails like Negronis and Americanos, bartenders agree: There’s simply no substitute for Campari.

Want to learn more about this quintessential Italian apéritif? Here are 12 things you should know about Campari. In 1860, Gaspare Campari founded his eponymous drinks brand in the Italian town of Novara, 30 miles west of Milan. The company’s formation predated the unification of Italy by a decade.

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SOURCE: https://vinepair.com/

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