19 Charming Italian Restaurants in Austin

Jul 12, 2018 820

BY: Sommer Brugal

Italian restaurants boast of a prominent spot in Austin’s culinary scene, especially since the number of eateries inspired by the European country have increased recently. Home-made pastas, delicious meats, speciality cheeses, and red sauces are here to stay in the city.

Austin’s best Italian restaurants and food trucks range from longtime spots to newcomers. There are places serving up meatballs (Patrizi’s), roasted chicken (Italic), an array of pizza options (Numero 28), brisket bolognese (Cipollina), Northern Italian dishes (Juniper), classic takes (Vespaio), stuffed ravioli (La Traviata), hearty meats (Red Ash), sweet cannoli (Somethin’ Italian), and so much more.

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SOURCE: https://austin.eater.com

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