“Ai confini della meraviglia”: An Italian Journey in 1000 villages

May 06, 2017 1792

BY: Elisa Mazzini

2017 is the official year of the Italian Villages and Emilia-Romagna is leader & coordinator of Borghi – Viaggio italiano, a project for their enhancement, together with other 17 Regions. This is how “Ai confini della Meraviglia” (To the Borders of Wonder) was born, the exhibition that starts on Saturday May 6th at Diocletian Baths in Rome to tell the small centers and landscapes linked to illustrious characters of Italian culture.

Villages, symbol of the most authentic Italy, are for sure places of a slow and quality tourism off the beaten tracks, but they are also the true custodians of traditions and identity of the land. Now the question is: how to express all this wealth inside a single exhibition?

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SOURCE: http://blog.travelemiliaromagna.com/

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