"Amazing Grape - How sweet the sound of wine" A web documentary produced by GLIM Creative

Sep 06, 2018 1866

Amazing Grape is a traveling journey that through the modern documentary language investigates the commercial impact of the Italian wine in the eastern coast of the United States of America. What is the condition of Italian imports in the US? We will start from a simple question to dig into the deeper analysis of the big market of wines that every year moves millions of dollars. Which are the most popular varieties? How does it work between local producers and the large scale selling compart? Is Italian wine growing its popularity among the buyers?

Halfway through documentary and fiction, the format uses a compelling and well-structured storytelling to give the audience an authentic immersive experience in the world of Italian wine abroad. A journey from New York to Washington, passing through Pennsylvania and Delaware.

https://www.facebook.com/amgrape www.glimcreative.com Created by Simone Bracci. Produced by Simone Bracci & Francesco Buosi. Voices by Simone Bracci & Francesco Buosi. Editing & Post by Ilaria Massimi. Design by Daniele Ventrella. Animations by Annarita Pontone. With Giuseppe Lo Cascio, Bill & Suzie Menard, Gaia Pannone, Pier Davide Boi, Rosanna Chella

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