Angelo Vivolo, a well-known Italian American philanthropist, supports Rocco Commisso in the cause of defending our fellow Italians in America

Jan 29, 2022 912

Regarding the recent disagreements between Rocco Commisso and the national Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, the president of Fiorentina can also count on the support of a well-known Italian American philanthropist: Angelo Vivolo. A charismatic figure like Vivolo will be in the front line in defense of his compatriot and owner of Mediacom in what has been the recent querelle with the newspaper.

Through a letter, Vivolo writes directly to the editorial staff of the national sports daily, addressed in particular to the President and CEO of RCS Media Group, Urbano Cairo, and to the director of the daily Stefano Barigelli. Here is the translation in English of the letter, originally in Italian.

"As President of the Columbus Heritage Coalition, I also speak on behalf of 20 Italian American organizations, representing thousands of fellow Italian Americans in the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. With reference to the article published in the Gazzetta dello Sport on May 15, 2021, Italian Americans in the United States stand in solidarity with Rocco Commisso and against those of our own heritage living in our beloved Italy who besmirch this brilliant entrepreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian. We know our history. For generations, others have distorted the actions of a few to smear an entire group. But the lies, slanders and senseless accusations are even more outrageous and offensive when they are hurled by those who share a common heritage. Perpetuating the terrible Mafia stereotypes that we Italian Americans find so offensive is not just about Rocco Commisso, it insults all Italian Americans.

Rocco Commisso is a great American and great Italian, a man who went from humble Calabrian origins to the Bronx rooted in the values of honesty and hard work. From the garage of his home, he founded Mediacom Communications Corporation, the fifth largest cable and fiber optic company in the United States, specializing in serving isolated and disadvantaged communities. How anyone fails to recognize Mr. Commisso's incredible feat is beyond comprehension. Mr. Commisso's reputation as a successful businessman and philanthropist is a tribute and source of pride for all Italian Americans. I think it would be only fair to recognize and celebrate his contributions to his homeland, Italy. To do less is offensive to all of us who strive to honor our Italian heritage and culture and great contributions to the world. A serious mistake has been made, but it can be corrected by retracting the terrible stereotypes attributed to a man who should be celebrated and appreciated as an exceptional Italian."

Best regards,

Angelo Vivolo


Columbus Heritage Coalition

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