The Benefits of Cannoli and How Cannoli World is Reshaping the Classic Dessert

Nov 22, 2023 879

BY: DJ Kamal Mustafa

Cannoli, pronounced as “kan-oh-lee,” is a traditional Italian pastry that originated in Sicily. The word “cannolo” means “little tube” in Italian, which perfectly describes the shape of this delectable treat. It is believed that cannoli were first created during the Arab rule in Sicily, around the 9th century. Over the years, cannoli have evolved and become an integral part of Italian cuisine.

A classic cannoli consists of a crispy, tube-shaped shell made from a special dough. The dough is typically deep-fried to achieve the perfect crunch. The filling, known as “ricotta cream,” is made from fresh ricotta cheese, powdered sugar, and sometimes flavored with vanilla, chocolate, or citrus zest. Some variations may also include chopped nuts, candied fruits, or chocolate chips. 

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