A Conversation with Larry Sonsini, most sought after lawyer in Silicon Valley

May 23, 2019 1041

Tuesday June 4 2019, 18:00. 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW. Washington DC DC 20004. Free - registration required. The American University of Rome (AUR), as part of its 50th Anniversary Lecture Series '50 Years of Living Ideas', will host a conversation with Larry Sonsini and Dr. Richard Hodges OBE.

Called by Business week “the most sought after lawyer in Silicon Valley” AUR Trustee Larry Sonsini has been on the front lines of the expansion and evolution of greatly influential technology corporations such as Apple, Netflix, and Google. During his conversation with university President, Richard Hodges, Larry will share first-hand insights on his professional accomplishments and his experience working in Silicon Valley. 

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SOURCE: https://graduate.aur.edu/

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