Ennio Morricone is back for Tarantino’s The Hateful 8 score

Jul 24, 2015 1111

by Ben Taylor

During this year's massive Comic-Con event, cinema's hero Quentin Tarantino took a moment to announce that he's changing his methods for his upcoming 8th film, spaghetti western The Hateful 8, and rather than taking scores from other films, he has enlisted the help of the legendary Italian composer Ennio Morricone to write an original score.

Quite the sentence for you to take in. Whilst you catch your breath, here's what Tarantino said at Comic-Con: 'I want to make one announcement that people don't know yet. It wasn't for sure, but we just settled it. You guys know that I don't use an original score in my movies, I kinda take scores from other movies and put 'em in there. [...]'

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Source: http://www.swide.com/

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