A foodie’s dream at Cornicello featuring fresh pasta and oversized chocolate eclairs in Astoria

Nov 29, 2021 770

BY: Jessica Militello

If you’ve walked or driven past Astoria Boulevard lately, you may have noticed a cute outdoor Italian restaurant right in what used to be Astoria World Manor’s driveway. The unique space, named Cornicello, almost looks as if it might be a pop-up event with its vintage signs and décor, but guests who have already become regulars don’t have to worry because the restaurant will be here to stay, serving fresh, handmade pasta throughout all seasons of the year.

The hybrid outdoor space, which first opened on July 29, has already been winterized to keep guests toasty while they enjoy a hot plate of pasta, and the restaurant’s menu has been getting great reviews from satisfied customers.

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SOURCE: https://qns.com/

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