A Fun Afternoon of Opera in Staten Island

Jul 30, 2023 724

Tuesday August 8, 12:00 PM. Osteria Santina, 502 Jewett Ave, Staten Island, NY. Organized by Garibaldi Meucci Museum. RSVP here. Join us for a delightful afternoon of opera featuring a captivating performance of "Don Pasquale" hosted by the esteemed Lou Barrella at the enchanting Osteria Santina. Immerse yourself in the timeless tale of love, humor, and mischief as talented opera performers bring this beloved classic to life. 

Comic Opera or Opera Buffa was among the works making Donizetti a famous composer in his day. Don Pasquale is the story of a wealthy old bachelor who decides to disinherit his lazy nephew Ernesto and marry a younger wife himself. A fraudulent wedding to Norina is devised by her brother, Dr. Malatesta. Before the opera ends happily, poor Pasquale is abused and humiliated by his “bride” who eventually gets to marry the nephew as the old man laughs off his fate!


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SOURCE: https://www.garibaldimeuccimuseum.com

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