Garibaldi and the American Civil War

Dec 24, 2019 1975

Garibaldi… who does not know the man who unified Italy? Well, in fact, the merit was not all his and the old man does have a fair share of critics, but what can we do: Garibaldi’s is a case where popular belief has made a far deeper impression than history itself. Whatever he really did, whether he was a good or bad commander, Italians are not likely to give up on one of the few positive heroes of their history.

There is a lot Italy does not know about Garibaldi, though, starting with his honorable connection with the United States of America and with their best known president: Abraham Lincoln. The pair knew each other, or better, of each other enough that the Italian almost swapped his famous red shirt for the dark blue uniform of Lincoln’s Unionist army. Yes, you read it right: Garibaldi could have become one of United States’ hero, too.

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