‘Guitarist’s guitarist:’ Peppino D’Agostino comes to Nevada City

Aug 05, 2022 832

The Nevada City Odd Fellows is honored to present one of the premiere acoustic guitar players on the scene today, Peppino D’Agostino on Tuesday, Aug. 9 at the Nevada City Odd Fellows Hall. As young Sicilian artist, D’Agostino left Italy over 30 years ago with the dream of “playing with the greatest guitarists.” D’Agostino has achieved his dream and he’s now firmly planted in the “who’s who” of the guitar world.

D’Agostino emerged on the acoustic guitar scene in the early 80’s as a leading member of the second wave of the great fingerstylists that helped redefine the instrument in the ’90s. His remarkable technique, penchant for open tunings, and percussive effects are the basis of his unique compositional style which has been inspiring musicians and audiences alike for decades.”

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SOURCE: https://www.theunion.com

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