IAP 140: Coffee and conversation with Caffè Unimatic

Apr 28, 2020 634

BY: Stephanie Longo

In times like these, our rituals are what keep us connected to “normal” life, and no ritual is more universal than a good cup of coffee. In this week’s episode, Elisabeth Cardiello of Caffè Unimatic and Brave Conversations Over Coffee shows us how this ubiquitous beverage can have rippling effects in our homes and in our communities.

Elisabeth shares her trade secrets on what kinds of coffee to try and the distinct methods of brewing that will make a world of difference for your “Morning Joe,” as well as discussing the difference between American and Italian brews and how Italians use coffee as a way to connect with others. And the Italian American Podcast gang will take us on a journey into the serendipitous history of some of your favorite coffee preparations—from espressos to cappuccinos, to lattes and macchiatos.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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