10 Italian Inventors that Changed the World

Jul 28, 2018 2581

BY: John Bensalhia

There's nothing like a sip of espresso to wake you up. With its distinctive, strong taste, it's a drink enjoyed by millions worldwide. But its invention at the turn of the 20th century wasn't an easy process. The drink was invented by Luigi Bezzerra, who discovered a way to speedily produce a single shot espresso in just seconds. While the principle of pushing water and steam through a puck of coffee directly into a cup worked, the downside for the barista was that he would be scaled by the splash of piping hot water.

However, a meeting with Desiderio Pavoni was to solve the problem. Pavoni made a few alterations to Bezzerra's original design, resulting in a splash and scald-free model called Ideale. After it was showcased at the 1906 Milan Fair, it proved to be a massive success, proving immensely popular with Italians discovering the wonders of this drink.

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SOURCE: http://www.italymagazine.com/

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