'Mechanic' of music Da Vinci's organ reconstructed

Jun 28, 2019 2051

No one had ever heard its "voice" before: a warm, ancient sound similar to that of a flute conveying notes without hesitation. Under the wide windows of Palazzina Liberty, in the heart of Milan, Leonardo Da Vinci's Great Continuous Organ will be heard for the first time. The instrument is of sophisticated design and fed by a unique pedal mechanism that allows the music to play in a continuous manner without taking their hands off the keyboard. Centro Studi Leonardo 3 experts were the ones to reconstruct it five centuries later on the basis of the Foglio 76r drawings, bringing a new addition to the most complete collection of Da Vinci musical instruments in the world.

The collection is exhibited at the museum in Piazza della Scala. From the gigantic trumpet to the musical cannon, every work by Da Vinci shows him to have been a 'mechanic' of music, ever in search of new technological solutions to facilitate the musician's work as well as endow the instruments themselves with energy.

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SOURCE: http://www.ansa.it/

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