'Mona Lisa's' identity could be revealed through DNA testing

Aug 11, 2013 3618

By Jamie Wetherbe

The mystery of "Mona Lisa's" real-life muse, which has spawned centuries of speculation, could be solved through DNA testing. Researchers on Friday opened a family tomb in Florence, Italy, to help confirm the identity of Lisa Gherardini Del Giocondo, Leonardo da Vinci's neighbor who is believed to be the woman behind the enigmatic smile.

Archaeologists cut a hole in the family crypt where Lisa Gherardini's husband and sons are buried.

Researchers will use her sons' DNA to try to try to find a match to three skeletons that were unearthed last year at a nearby convent, one of which could be the remains of Gherardini.

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Source: http://www.latimes.com/

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