‘I'm staying here for my animals’: The Italian man rescuing stray dogs in Ukraine

Mar 05, 2022 1281

BY: Diego Malcangi & Maeve Campbell

There is shooting going on outside, as we speak. He has a tired voice, maybe a bit resigned, but calm. Andrea Cisternino has been living in Ukraine for 13 years, not far from Kyiv, where he created his own award-winning animal shelter. We chat about his life and what his experience has been on the ground since the invasion began. Originally a fashion photographer from Italy, Cisternino married a Ukrainian woman.

He tells us that they don't want to have to abandon the 400 animals they have rescued so far in his shelter. Cisternino has already faced some hardship in his life. During the Euro football championships, he was targeted by ‘dog hunters’ looking to locate the animals for a reward. At the time, the government was giving out licences and money to those who killed stray dogs. As a result, his shelter was set on fire.

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SOURCE: https://www.euronews.com

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