‘It takes away my melancholy’: liscio, the glamorous Italian club scene for older people

Jun 12, 2022 727

Vittorio Piovani is a barber in Traversetolo, a village in central Italy. Every Sunday, he dons an elegant suit, shines his shoes, curls his long moustache and goes dancing at a club in a nearby town, like many other weekend clubbers. Except Piovani is a 75-year-old grandfather of three, living for a scene that gives him a deep-rooted sense of community and belonging.

Piovani is a diehard fan of liscio, an Italian music genre and dancing scene, with dedicated venues called balere, and a fandom that is generally over 50 (more often, over 65). In its own way, it is a glamorous, wild and countercultural corner of European clubbing. 

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SOURCE: https://www.theguardian.com

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