An Italian American Family who is on the path to inspire many more people than they know

Sep 25, 2017 2324

BY: Anthony Fasano

About nine months ago I received an email from Lou Del Bianco telling me that he was looking for a publisher to publish the story of his family’s 25-year fight to gain recognition for his late grandfather Luigi Del Bianco, who they believed was the Chief Carver on Mount Rushmore.  I read the email and was intrigued.

I had remembered interviewing Lou back on Episode 23 and remembered being really excited and interested by his grandfather’s story and his family’s efforts.  I responded and asked him if we could have lunch to see if I could help him out.  Last Saturday, nine months later, I found myself at Mount Rushmore, with Lou, his family, and the book that we published together, watching history be made as the United States National Parks Service (NPS) unveiled a plaque that officially named Luigi Del Bianco Chief Carver.

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