Living to 100: One island's remarkable record of centenarians

Dec 01, 2021 395

This scene of residents gathered at an Italian café may not seem remarkable, until you know their ages; they're each 100 years old – and Guido Lepori says he's got years to go: "At least 150!" he told correspondent Seth Doane. Old age is common, and celebrated, in this town, where murals depict residents who've reached at least 100.

Villagrande is in Sardinia, a well-known destination for tourists who come for the culture and beaches. But it's also drawing scientists and gerontologists, including Gianni Pes, and Valter Longo, who directs the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California, and who collaborates with Pes in studying this phenomenon of so many centenarians.

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