'Quest for the Best Italian Pastry' cancelled because of COVID-19, but a winner still selected

Mar 23, 2020 710

BY: Dr. Gracelyn Santos

Nothing keeps Joe Laino away from Italian pastries on St. Joseph's Day, not even COVID-19. Observing social distancing edicts in the wake of the coranavirus pandemic, the Annadale resident and his wife, Tricia, were forced to cancel their annual St. Joseph Italian Pastry Taste-Off on Thursday, March 19, instead settling for an intimate party of two.

The cancelled event, dubbed "The Quest for the Best Italian Pastry," is held annually on March 19, and celebrates the Feast of St. Joseph. Laino hosts the annual event with his brother, Steve Laino, and his wife, Brenda, of Westerleigh.

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SOURCE: https://www.silive.com

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