Italian-American baseball ambassadors

Jan 06, 2018 2669

BY: Tom Cesarini

“Italians were once second-class citizens in the United States and invisible in baseball before players like Tony Lazzeri and Joe DiMaggio rose to prominence. Not having an appreciation of your heritage is like an olive tree without roots. Baseball is a part of mine.” Roberto Angotti. In his new, award-winning documentary, “The Italian American Baseball Family,” filmmaker and baseball historian Roberto Angotti addresses the great American pastime by highlighting the Italian-American influence on the game.

“‘The Italian American Baseball Family’ brings home the message that baseball allowed Italian-Americans to assimilate into popular culture,” Angotti said, elaborating on the film. “The documentary honors the Italian-American baseball ambassadors that have etched their names into U.S. sports history, paying tribute to their invaluable contributions and their unique imprint on the game.”

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