Experience the magic of an Italian Christmas

Dec 20, 2019 727

BY: Tricia Lynn Strader

Shepherdstown Music and Dance invites the public to discover the beauty and magic of an Italian Christmas in this year’s holiday concert. Michela Musolino and the band, Rosa Tatuata, bring seasonal favorites of Sicily. The group includes founder and singer Michela Musolino, Phil Passantino, Charlie Rutan and Jeffrey Panettieri.

Love of Sicilian and Southern Italian Roots Music is what drives Rosa Tatuata to passionately interpret the traditions and melodies of their ancestors. Fueled by their research into traditional instruments like the tamburo (Sicilian frame drum), organetto, marranzano (jaw harp) and zampogna (Southern-Italian bagpipes), Rosa Tatuata introduces traditional songs into different musical contexts that rhythmically mirror the co-mingling of Old & New World.

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SOURCE: https://www.journal-news.net

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