Front Royal’s Osteria Maria: A Symphony of Opera and Italian Cuisine

Aug 16, 2023 313

Nestled amidst the serenity of Skyline Drive, Front Royal’s Italian gem, Osteria Maria, is set to blend the melodies of opera with the allure of authentic Italian gastronomy. On August 31 and September 1st, 2023, as the evening beckons at 5:00 pm, patrons are invited to partake in an unparalleled experience with the acclaimed opera, ‘La Traviata.’

Tickets, priced at $95 plus tax per person, are available for advance purchase and promise an evening of immersive cultural splendor. While the melodious renditions from ‘La Traviata’ promise to enthrall, the curated menu is set to be an equal counterpart. Melissa Jean Chávez, celebrated soprano, and her team are the luminaries behind the evening’s musical lineup.

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