Meet & Greet with Tommy Devito, New York Quarterback!

Nov 25, 2023 896

BY: Karlie DiPietro

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to meet Number 15, Tommy Devito, the revered New York quarterback, at PrimoHoagies in Wayne, NJ, on Tuesday, November 28th, from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Tommy Devito, known for his exceptional skills on the field and his love for chicken cutlets and Italian heritage, will be gracing us with his presence.

This Meet & Greet is your chance to interact with Tommy, snap photos, and share in the excitement of meeting a football legend. In honor of Tommy's affection for chicken cutlets and his Italian roots, PrimoHoagies is offering an incredible 15% discount on all primo size chicken cutlet sandwiches ALL DAY on November 28th! Come savor the flavors that resonate with Tommy's taste buds while celebrating his remarkable career.

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