Pittsburgh WWE champion Bruno Sammartino highlighted in new documentary

May 17, 2022 991

BY: Dontae Washington

A Pittsburgh-raised, two-time World Wide Wrestling Federation Champion is coming to the big screen. Bruno Sammartino, who was born in Italy and emigrated with his family to Pittsburgh when he was four years old, was the longest-reigning WWE champion, holding the title for 2,803 days. The authorized biography, Bruno Sammartino, will be released on Tue., May 17.

The 94-minute film documents the life of the wrestler as he reaches fame, from his early days as an Italian immigrant whose family nearly died from multiple WW2 encounters to being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his close friend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in 2013. “I’ve had the honor of knowing Bruno and the Sammartino family for over 30 years. This is the story that Bruno wanted to tell the world,” says Larry Richert, lead producer of the HM3 Bruno LLC documentary.

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