Move over, Giants’ Tommy DeVito. Another ‘insane’ N.J. QB is lighting up NFL (and he’s Italian, too)

Dec 18, 2023 1169

BY: Kevin Manahan

Turns out, all of that New Jersey smog is actually pixie dust, and it’s landing on NFL quarterbacks. Oh, sure, we have Superfunds sites all right — super funds, as in what Tommy DeVito and Joe Flacco will be earning in bonuses and (in Flacco’s case) playoff money this season. The NFL’s most unlikely heroes have the Italian Sons and Daughters of America celebrating.

Flacco — the 38-year-old Jets castoff from Audubon, N.J., who climbed off his couch when the Browns called last month — is now 2-1 as a starter after rallying Cleveland to a 20-17 victory over the Chicago Bears on Sunday. In those three games, Flacco has thrown for 939 yards, seven TDs and five interceptions.

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