Italian Bluegrass, Folk group La Terza Classe to perform at Knick (RI)

Nov 17, 2023 543

BY: Nancy Burns-Fusaro

Friday, Nov. 17, at 8 p.m. - Knickerbocker Music Center, 35 Railroad Ave., Westerly (RI). When Gene Parise was managing the entertainment at Perks & Corks a few years back, he booked a group from Naples, Italy, called La Terza Classe. Parise, a well-known local musician himself, said he clicked with members of the band as soon as he met them on the day they arrived in Westerly.

"I had the pleasure to walk with them [through downtown Westerly] and take them for ice cream," said Parise. "We talked about the history of Westerly regarding quarrying and the many stoneworkers who came here." "We became friends," said Parise, who said the band plays bluegrass, folk and original music and "celebrates the great traditions of American music roots music" but with a Neapolitano flair.

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