Calling Everyone to Celebrate St. Joseph’s Day Like They Do in Sicily!!

Feb 23, 2020 922

Tuesday March 10th • 7:00 pm. The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere - 79 Howard Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301. Register Today!! Presented by: Lou Barrella. DONATION: $15 Member • $20 Non-Member. Although St. Joseph’s Day is celebrated as a sacred and secular holiday (“Father’s Day”) throughout Italy, it has special significance in Sicily.

This presentation will highlight how it is celebrated there. You will not only see simple and elaborate St. Joseph’s tables and the food that makes the day so special, but you will also taste samples of caponata, arancini, finocchio and orange salad and even pasta alla norma (with eggplants) and the most famous Sfingi, filled with cannoli cream.

Music examples will go from the sublime to the ridiculous; and the poetic examples will demonstrate philosophical and humorous expression as well as the individuality of the Sicilian language. The breathtaking photography of Joseph Zarba, will capture the scenic beauty of the land and endear the spirit of the people. Food, photos, video, poetry and songs will both inspire and entertain you, causing you to experience “La Festa di San Giuseppe in Sicilia Bedda”!


SOURCE: Casa Belvedere

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