Italy’s Foreign Language Oscar Submission

Nov 14, 2013 1185

Writers write, that's what they do. Jep Gambardella still qualifies, just barely.

After the publication of his acclaimed first novel, he chose to spend the rest of his career penning Vanity Fair-style celebrity profiles. It was much easier, but far less satisfying.

Gambardella belatedly realizes this holds true for all aspects of his life in Paolo Sorrentino's "The Great Beauty," Italy's official foreign language Oscar submission, which opens this Friday in New York.

It is Garbardella's 65th birthday, and his social circle is ready to party like they are really his friends. The magazine writer is in his element.

However, he turns uncharacteristically pensive when he learns that his great lost lover has passed away, perhaps still harboring undiminished feelings for him.

Hoping to experience a similar passion, Gambardella commences a relationship with Ramona, the daughter of his old strip-club owner crony, who still works in the family business at the impressive age of 42. Perhaps there is some substance to their affair, but at the very least, her presence on his arm thoroughly scandalizes Rome's high society.

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