In our Lifetime: Italy and the USA

Mar 18, 2023 78

Tuesday, 03/28/2023 - 6:00pm. Organized by Casa Italian Zerilli Marimò. RSVP Here. "What Makes It Italian?" is a music listening and discussion group that meets online on the Zoom platform and is open to everyone. Participation is free. The group is led by Gina Crusco, who has also guided listening at Bard LLI and Riverdale Y; acted as maestro del coro for opera in Italy; instructed music at The New School; and directed Underworld Productions.

Please email here to confirm your attendance and receive an invitation link. As we undergo a shake-up of styles and genres, Americans emphasize innovation while Italians take inspiration from their long cultural heritage. Italian pairing: Composer Giacomo Manzoni (born 1932) and artist Gian-Maria Tosatti (born 1980). US pairing: Composer Dominick Argento (1927–2019) and artist James Turrell (born 1943)

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