WRHU Received World Radio Day Award

Feb 17, 2021 488

BY: Cav. Josephine A. Maietta

The Academy of Radio Arts and Sciences of America selected WRHU Radio Hofstra University to receive the 2021 World Radio Day Award. The honor commemorates World Radio Day, established by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) and celebrated annually on February 13th. World Radio Day is intended to raise greater awareness among the public and the media of the importance of radio. WRHU is the first student-run station to receive this honor.

The Association of Italian American Educators (AIAE) has been promoting the Italian language and culture through the WRHU 88.7 FM radio at Hofstra University. The AIAE radio programs on Saturdays and Sundays provide bilingual Italian/English entertainment and reports of the Italian American community in the United States and globally through the Global Italian Diaspora Network.

The Global Italian Diaspora Network (GIDN) is an AIAE outreach program for sharing and communicating with Italian emigrants and their descendants worldwide and is hosted by "Sabato Italiano" through the Hofstra University radio WRHU FM 88.7 and internet media transmission. The program airs on Saturday from 12-2pm and repeats on Sunday 8-10am. It follows the program "Souvenir d'Italia", which airs from 9-12 am, playing classical and traditional music.

WRHU has attracted many Italians in numerous countries that listen on a regular basis and call in to the live broadcast to discuss their Italian immigration experience in their respective countries. As producer and radio program host, I interviewed with distinguished government leaders:Minister of Foreign Affairs GiulioTerzi, ex Ambassador of Italy to the United States in Washington, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, Matilda Cuomo ex NYS First Lady, Mons. Hilary, Ministro Francesco Genuardi Counsel General of Italy in NY, etc., distinguished notables in science, engineering and medicine: Prof. Robert Alfano, Physicist, Antonio Giordano, Cancer Specialist, etc., and composers, songwriters, entertainment celebrities: Tony Lo Bianco, Andrea Bocelli, Paolo Marioni, Doady Giuliano, Michele Vestri, Cristiana Pegoraro, Rosa Antonelli, Natalia Pavlova, Stefano Spazzi; producers, filmmakers, writers, poets, journalists: Goffredo Palmerini, Mario Fratti, Maria Campagna, Giampiero Pierotti, Giovanni Bonini, Massimiliano Ferrara, Umberto Mucci, Franco Maricchiolo, Gianfranco Angelucci, Luca Guardabascio, Pierette Domenica Simpson, Giovanni Pugliese, Alberto De Marco, Francesco La Rosa, Mario S.Senatore, Massimo Ruggero, Cosimo Roberto Vento, Silvia Tamburriello, Ketty Millecro, just to name a few, professors, students, and etc...

The Global Italian Diaspora networks Italian immigrants and their descendants globally including Italy and its provinces, Argentina, Australia, Egypt, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Spain, England, Canada etc. Italian historical emigration from Italy in the last century was not to only the United States but diversely throughout the world. In recent research by Dr. Vincenzo Milione it has been demonstrated that Italian emigrant descendants were globally born in over 88 different countries in 7 continents. The Global Italian Diaspora Network is sharing the communication among these global diaspora Italians on a weekly basis for Italian language, culture and achievements.

AIAE is proud to have contributed and to be part of the 2021 World Radio Day Award recognition with its Italian radio programs. Hofstra University has provided support to the Italian American community by sponsoring the annual Italian Heritage Experience Festival, Italian American lecture series, curriculum on Italian Studies and Italian language.

AIAE congratulates WRHU and Hofstra University on receiving this distinguished honor.


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